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At the Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A., we have over 43 years of combined attorney experience in handling Defense Base Act cases.  Our qualified and experienced Defense Base Act Attorneys have seen just about every injury imaginable, every issue imaginable and every accident imaginable.  We have handled these cases at each and every stage, from claims filing and informal conferences before the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs, to trials before the Office of Administrative Law Judges, to appeals before the Benefits Review Board and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.  What does this mean to you, the injured Defense Base Act Claimant?  This means that we have seen your type of case, your type of injury, your type of accident and your specific issue hundreds and hundreds of times.  We know exactly what to do to make sure that receive the compensation and medical care that you deserve.  If your insurance company is giving you a hard time, we will push them straight to Court.  We will get your issue heard in an effort to get you the benefit that is being denied.  We will fight for you through trial and appeal.  Our reputation of pushing cases to trial commands the attention of the insurance carriers and translates into excellent results.  View some of the excellent settlements we have been able to negotiate for our clients over the years under the Tab called Verdicts and Settlements on our website.  If you have a Defense Base Act case, we want to help you learn your rights and get the benefits and/or settlement that is best for you.  If you have any questions about your Defense Base Act case, Contact Us now for your free consultation.  Fill out the form on this website, or email us at mail@gmpcomplaw.com or call us at 305 595-3350.  We are here to help!

Clifford R. Mermell, Esq.
Clifford R. Mermell, Esq., created the law firm of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. on March 1, 1996. Mr. Mermell has been the senior and managing partner of the firm since its creation. The firm was created to champion the rights of injured workers nationwide. It represents cases under the Worker's Compensation, Wrongful Termination, Personal Injury, Admiralty and Maritime, Defense Base Act, and Longshore & Harbor Worker's Compensation Act Laws.

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