Defense Base Act & Longshore Settlements

We are pleased to report the following settlements we have obtained for our clients during the last part of 2014, 2015 and early 2016. To view an extensive list of settlements we have obtained over the years, please visit our Settlements page.

Please note this information is not reviewed or approved by The Florida Bar. Also, please understand that your circumstances may differ, and thus the results we may be able to obtain for your specific case varies according to your case.  Each case is different, and must be evaluated and handled on its own merits.  Further, the results herein are not necessarily representative of results obtained by the lawyer.


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03/09/2016E.M. v. V.M.DBA/Longshore$325,000.00
03/08/2016K.H. v. V.M.DBA/Longshore$480,000.00
02/20/2016M.A. v. D.C.I.DBA/Longshore$365,000.00
02/10/2016J.C. v. V.ADBA/Longshore$425,000.00
02/08/2016W.S. v. A.K.DBA/Longshore$325,000.00
01/14/2016C.C. v. D.C.I.DBA/Longshore$300,000.00
01/13/2016A.B. v. V.F.DBA/Longshore$325,000.00
12/22/2015S.S. v. D.C.I.DBA/Longshore$315,000.00
12/21/2015D.S. v. V.DBA/Longshore$400,000.00
11/09/2015J.T. v. L.M.DBA/Longshore$1,795,025.60
10/23/2015J.H. v. D.C.I.DBA/Longshore$2,085,197.20
09/28/2015B.S. v. D.C.I.DBA/Longshore$1,956,175.35
08/14/2015C.P. v. A.E.G.I.S.DBA/Longshore$350,000.00
07/21/2015J.B. v. M.I.DBA/Longshore$320,000.00
06/17/2015H.T. v. D.C.I.DBA/Longshore$417,832.00
05/20/2015S.K. v. G.L.S.DBA/Longshore$387,500.00
04/28/2015L.J. v. D.C.I.DBA/Longshore$333,000.00
04/23/2015R.L. v. D.C.I.DBA/Longshore$330,000.00
04/14/2015L.T. v. D.C.I.DBA/Longshore$310,110.00
04/04/2015R.D. v. P.C.M.DBA/Longshore$300,000.00
04/02/2015R.A. v. D.C.I.DBA/Longshore$525,000.00
03/25/2015C.R. v. V.M.DBA/Longshore$550,000.00
03/10/2015J.T. v. M.P.R.I.DBA/Longshore$450,000.00
02/11/2015Z.K. v. M.E.P.DBA/Longshore$295,000.00
01/28/2015A.L. v. E.I.DBA/Longshore$300,000.00
12/17/2014V.C. v. K.B.R.DBA/Longshore$425,000.00
11/24/2014J.P. v. D.C.I.DBA/Longshore$335,000.00
11/18/2014Z.R. v. F.F.G.P.DBA/Longshore$300,000.00
10/15/2014E.M. v. F.F.G.P.DBA/Longshore$425,000.00
09/08/2014S.C. v. D.C.I.DBA/Longshore$395,000.00
08/28/2014J.L. v. K.B.R.DBA/Longshore$325,000.00
Clifford R. Mermell, Esq.

Clifford R. Mermell, Esq., created the law firm of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. on March 1, 1996. Mr. Mermell has been the senior and managing partner of the firm since its creation. The firm was created to champion the rights of injured workers nationwide. It represents cases under the Worker’s Compensation, Wrongful Termination, Personal Injury, Admiralty and Maritime, Defense Base Act, and Longshore & Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act Laws.

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