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At the Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A., we put our clients first. Our attorneys have devoted their entire 50 plus years of combined experience to helping injured workers fight large insurance companies and employers who seek to deny and or delay their benefits.

The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. is an established Defense Base Act Law Firm. Our attorneys invest a great deal of time and effort in each case, litigating or appealing your case in an effort to obtain the maximum recovery possible for your work-related injury. We launch an aggressive no win no fee personal injury representation for our clients, so you know that our success is contingent upon your success. If we do not win your benefits or obtain a favorable settlement for you, we do not charge a fee.

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We know the ins and outs of the highly specialized Defense Base Act, 42 U.S.C. 1651.  If you or a family member has been injured overseas while working under a contract with the U.S. government, you need a lawyer who has the experience and reputation to effectively handle your case.

We will be a powerful advocate for you, and we will protect your rights under the Defense Base Act, no matter where you live. We have helped clients residing in many countries around the world, including Australia, England, Ireland, Macedonia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

We can work with clients anywhere in the United States. Our current and former clients have been from Alaska, Arkansas, Virginia, Nevada, California, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida.  

We charge no attorney’s fees unless we effectively secure a recovery for you.

defense base act law firm overview
  • Over $125,000,000.00 obtained in benefits and/or settlements for our clients over the past 18 years
  • Over 50 years of combined attorney experience protecting rights of injured workers
  • Over 2,000 injured workers’ cases
  • Over 6,000 claims filed on behalf of injured workers
  • Over 2,000 mediations on behalf of injured workers
  • Over 3,000 claims of injured workers under the Defense Base Act and/or the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Over 200 injured workers’ cases taken to trial

Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation & Jones Act Lawyers

As part of our commitment to serve injured workers, we have also developed a proven track record representing injured workers covered by the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, 33 U.S.C. 901 et. seq., the General Maritime Laws and the Jones Act. Each of these areas of law is extremely specialized, therefore, you need a lawyer who deeply understands these areas of the law.

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act covers injuries to longshoremen and stevedores involved in the process of loading and unloading container ships and passenger ships at the ports of the U.S. The General Maritime Laws and the Jones Act cover injuries to captains and crew members of vessels upon the navigable waters of the U.S. Often, it is difficult to figure out if you are a longshoreman, a harbor worker or a crew member of a vessel. Our qualified Longshore Attorneys have extensive experience in resolving these issues in favor of the injured worker.

If you or a family member has been injured while working as a Jones Act seaman, maritime worker, deckhand, longshoreman, harbor worker, tug boat or barge worker, or other job at the Port of Miami, Port Everglades, Port of Palm Beach or Miami River, you can rely on our experienced Longshore lawyers to secure a favorable result for your injury or loss. Our dependable Longshore attorneys are familiar with the Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, Maritime Law and the Jones Act, and we can help you file a claim against your employer to seek payment for your injuries and any medical care or treatment that you require now or in the future.

We have also helped numerous clients who have suffered a personal injury either as a result of a third party case in a work-related accident or through the general negligence of a third party.

Proven Track Record as Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Mr. Mermell established the firm on March 1st, 1996 specifically for the purpose of assisting injured workers in obtaining the benefits they deserve. Mr. Mermell has been board certified by the Florida Bar in the area of workers’ compensation law since 1995. This is the highest degree of specialization afforded by the Florida Bar. As a Florida Bar Board Certified Workers’ Compensation lawyer, Mr. Mermell is recognized as an expert in the field by his peers, by the Judges of Workers’ Compensation claims and by the lawyers that practice workers’ compensation law. Mr Mermell has represented more than 2,000 injured workers.

Mr. Mermell and Mr. Pacheco have devoted their entire professional lives to assisting injured workers at all stages of their cases. The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. can handle a Florida worker’s compensation case at the claims filing stage, through trial and appeal to the 1st District Court of Appeals. We have the reputation of pushing a case as far as it needs to go in order to get the best result for our clients.

The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. believes that the representation of injured workers is about protecting and valuing the quality of our clients’ lives, while securing the desperately needed benefits they deserve. Our proven state workers’ compensation lawyers understand the suffering and disruption that a work injury causes. We therefore counsel our clients with compassion and concern through every step of the legal process. We understand that big insurance companies and corporations feel that they have an advantage over an injured worker. Our qualified workers’ compensation attorneys can speak for you, and we can fight back! Please visit Workers’ Compensation Settlements & Verdicts which illustrate a few of our many excellent results for our clients.

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Testimonial – Defense Base Act Lawyers

Injured in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Syria or Any Other Country?

If you have had a personal injury in Iraq or a personal injury in Afghanistan or Kuwait while working for a contractor on behalf of the U.S. government, you are covered under the Defense Base Act. Our qualified Defense Base Act Lawyers will ensure that you receive the compensation and medical care you deserve, and we will collect no fee for our services unless we secure benefits or a settlement for you. Therefore, anyone can afford to hire a lawyer in a Defense Base Act case. Call us today for a free consultation.

Our team of experienced and qualified Defense Base Act lawyers and paralegals can handle your case under the Defense Base Act no matter where you were injured and no matter where you live. Our dedicated Defense Base Act Attorneys have handled Defense Base Act cases for our clients who live in Australia, England, Ireland, Macedonia, Kosovo, Costa Rica, Germany, Italy, Spain and every state of the United States of America. Our dependable Defense Base Act Lawyers have represented injured workers under the Defense Base Act in the following states: Alaska, Arkansas, Virginia, California, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Mississippi, Colorado, Alabama, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Utah, Oregon and Washington.

The Defense Base Act is an extension of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. Our capable Longshore Attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience in handling Longshore claims out of the Port of Miami, Port Everglades, Port of Palm beach and Port of Jacksonville. We have handled all types of injuries, and we have handled these longshoremen cases at every level, from the administrative level before the O.W.C.P. (Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs), through trial before an A.L.J. (Administrative Law Judge), and through appeal to the B.R.B. (Benefits Review Board) and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

Our experienced Defense Base Act Lawyers know the Defense Base Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, and we have filed more than 2,000 claims on behalf of injured workers under these laws. We have obtained very favorable rulings and advantageous settlements for our clients. Please check our Workers’ Compensation Settlements & Verdicts page for a few of the excellent results our qualified Defense Base Act Attorneys have obtained for our clients under the Defense Base Act and/or the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

If you are a civilian who has been injured in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Syria, South Korea, Germany, South America, Puerto Rico or anywhere overseas where the U.S. has a military defense base or while working to aid in the mission of the U.S. government, our reliable Defense Base Act Lawyers can help you get fair compensation, medical care and a favorable lump sum cash settlement for your injuries under the Defense Base Act.

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