International Lawyer Handles Defense Base Act Injuries Throughout The World

I want you all to know that I just handled a very important hearing in New York City for my client who was injured in Iraq. My client lives in Wales, United Kingdom. The defense lawyer is from San Francisco, California and my main office is in Miami, Florida. This gives you some insight about how these cases can involve a gathering of lawyers, Judges and injured workers from across the country and across the world. The hearing involved our claim for Permanent Total Disability (PTD) which is the highest classification of benefits available to an injured worker under the Defense Base Act. Prior to this hearing, I arranged an important vocational evaluation by an expert in the field of vocational rehabilitation. After interviewing my client and gathering information regarding his age, education, work history and the details involving his accident and permanent injuries, the vocational expert summarized his extensive medical records and concluded that from a vocational standpoint, my client was completely unemployable. I presented this evidence, along with a complete copy of my client’s medical records, and I was able to convince the Claims Examiner form the Department of Labor in New York City, that my client was entitled to PTD benefits. We recently obtained a very favorable written recommendation from the Claims Examiner, and now we are continuing to pursue those benefits by pushing the case to the Office of Administrative Law Judges.  If you have a Defense Base Act (DBA) case, let us put our 35+ years of experience to work for you.

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