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There are two types of injuries under the Defense Base Act: 1) Scheduled Injuries and 2) Unscheduled Injuries. Scheduled injuries provide a set number of weeks of benefits when particular body parts are injured. Below is a listing of the scheduled injuries under Section 908 of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (“LHWCA”), as extended by the Defense Base Act:
Scheduled Injuries:
(1) Arm lost, 312 weeks’ compensation.
(2) Leg lost, 288 weeks’ compensation.
(3) Hand lost, 244 weeks’ compensation.
(4) Foot lost, 205 weeks’ compensation.
(5) Eye lost, 160 weeks’ compensation.
(6) Thumb lost, 75 weeks’ compensation.
(7) First finger lost, 46 weeks’ compensation.
(8) Great (big) toe lost, 38 weeks’ compensation.
(9) Second finger lost, 30 weeks’ compensation.
(10) Third finger lost, 25 weeks’ compensation.
(11) Toe other than great (big) toe lost, 16 weeks’ compensation.
(12) Fourth (ring) finger lost, 15 weeks’ compensation.
(13) Compensation for loss of hearing in one ear, 52 weeks’ compensations.
(14) Compensation for loss of hearing in both ears, 200 weeks compensation
All other injuries are considered to be unscheduled injuries under the DBA, for example injures to the head, neck, shoulders, back and hips and emotional injuries such as PTSD, depression or anxiety.
The formula to determine the number of weeks of benefits available is determined by your doctor, by calculating your impairment rating based upon the AMA Guides after you reach your maximum medical improvement.
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