Defense Base Act DBA Lawyers Help Injured Workers Obtain First Free Choice Of Physician In DBA Cases

If you are injured in Iraq and/or Afghanistan and have coverage under the DBA for your injuries, you are entitled by law to choose your physician?  This is an extremely important benefit and it can make the difference between whether you get your compensation benefits and adequate medical care or not.  The law provides you with your “first free choice of physician.” This is a very critical part of your case. You should make sure that you choose a qualified doctor who is capable of treating your particular condition and who is a patient advocate. We can help you choose your first physician as this may become the single most important aspect of your case. We would encourage you not to make that decision without carefully considering how it will impact the rest of your case. Many insurance companies try to make that decision for you, which can be a huge mistake and may result in you not receiving adequate medical care or full compensation. We recommend that you DO NOT sign any form giving away your right to your first free choice of physician. We invite you to contact us today if you have a question about your case.
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