Victims of Israeli-Hamas War While Working at a US Military Base

In response to the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and Hamas, the United States initiated the deployment of warships and military aircraft to the Eastern Mediterranean, while also providing Israel with essential ammunition and military equipment.

The United States unequivocally affirmed its commitment to bolstering Israel’s counteroffensive against the Hamas-led Gaza Strip, ensuring that Israel would receive all necessary assistance. Furthermore, the United States pledged to furnish additional military aid to Israel, with President Biden formally requesting Congress for an additional $14 billion in aid.

However, amidst mounting global pleas for a ceasefire, both Israel and the United States found themselves increasingly isolated. The United States exercised its veto power multiple times to block United Nations Security Council resolutions calling for a cease of hostilities and the facilitation of greater humanitarian aid to Gaza. Consequently, international human rights organizations have criticized the United States for potentially enabling war crimes through its military and diplomatic support.

President Biden has encountered growing opposition, even within his own administration, regarding the United States’ unwavering backing of Israel. These concerns have intensified public discourse and raised questions about the appropriateness of such support.

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