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everyone at the office is sick

Possible Workplace Hazards OSHA

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | April 10, 2018

For the past three months everyone in our office has been sick. We have construction nearby and we have had raw sewage smells going through air vents, mold spores ( or some spores) growing in water empty water cups and several people having to use prescribed recue inhalers

a law firm that knows ins and outs of dba cases

Quality Defense Base Act Lawyers Representing Contractors Injured Overseas

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | April 9, 2018

Mr. Mermell has a firm that knows the ins and outs of Defense Base Act cases. I was assisted by Maggie, Liz and Gladis at various times in my case. I can tell you that they understood what I was going through and they knew just what to say to help me with my questions. I felt comfortable and that I was in good hands from the beginning of my case to the end.

fell on my bottom at target

I Fell on My Bottom at Target

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | April 2, 2018

I was in target one morning and was heading to check out pushing my buggy and I went down straight on my bottom. I was 38 weeks pregnant I started hurting really bad couldn’t hardly put any pressure on my left side. I filled out a accident report there and my husband came and got me to take me to the ER.

not spoken with attorney for over a year

Over a Year without Speaking to My Attorney

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | March 22, 2018

Mr. Mermell replied to this AVVO user’s question. Apparently, he had lost contact with his attorney, and had not spoken to him for over a year. He needed guidance as to what to do next regarding his ongoing health situation. Here’s Mr. Mermell’s response:

insurance deny request of procedure

Can Insurance Deny Request of Procedure

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | March 12, 2018

Can the insurance company deny the request of a procedure from a doctor of there choice in a workers compensation case.
Doctor wants to do a lumber epidural steroid injection. The doctor is not a work comp doctor but is our second opinion doctor, but of their choice.

hurt at a patients home

Hurt at a Patients Home

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | March 2, 2018

Besides Workers Compensation and Medical Care If I hurt myself in a Patients Home can the Home Insurance be used to compensate?

former employer responsible for medical bills florida

Is former employer responsible for work related accident

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | February 22, 2018

Is an employer responsible for medical bills for a work related accident if you no longer work there?
My daughter cut her finger while employed at a deli and was treated at the local hospital. As the bills came in, they were given to her employer to pay. The bills came to me as covered under my name and insurance due to a hospital error that did not initially list this as a workers comp claim.

roofer sheet metal worker herniated disk in neck

Roofer/ Sheet metal worker partially herniated disk in neck

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | February 14, 2018

Do I need a workman’s comp attorney?
Roofer/ Sheet metal worker…partially herniated disk in neck. Sought medical treatment through company health insurance. Surgery recommended. I have not worked since the end of April. No claim as of yet. Is it too late? Still on the books at work, and paying my portion of health insurance.

switched to a different workers comp agency

Recently switched to a different Worker's Comp agency

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | January 31, 2018

I was recently switched to a different Worker’s Comp agency. They haven’t contacted me at all, and haven’t returned my calls.  I’ve been on WC for almost a year, and the 1st company was cool. But they switched me to CorVel Corporation at the beginning of June, and 3 calls and one email later, no one has gotten back with me. I was calling because my paycheck was incorrect, and the first company issued it but said the second company was responsible now. T

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