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100% Recommendation for this DBA Law Firm

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | March 18, 2019

This firm Of lawyers Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco handled my Defense Base Act case. They knew secrets about the law that they used to my advantage. I am very impressed with the way my case was handled and the result was beyond my hopes.

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This DBA Firm Fought So Hard for Me

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | March 7, 2019

I was injured while working at the Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan. I had a bad back injury that required surgery. My doctor released me to return to work prematurely and my insurance company cut off all of my benefits. I was referred to this law firm by a co worker.

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The End Result to My DBA Case Was Amazing

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | February 21, 2019

I was injured in Afghanistan where I worked as a a police mentor.

My case was denied. This law firm fought on my behalf and won my Defense Base Act case for me.

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Hired Great DBA Lawyer

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | February 13, 2019

I am very happy with my result and I highly recommend Mr. Mermell and the firm to anyone injured on the job, including overseas injuries.

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Best Longshoremen Lawyer

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | January 31, 2019

He made me feel that I was an important client from beginning to the end. And the end result was way better than I expected. I am recommending Mr. Mermell to all longshoremen injured on the job. This lawyer is the best in the business at helping longshoremen.

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Great Defense Base Act Settlement

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | January 23, 2019

I cannot believe how great my settlement was. I never expected I would get such a great settlement. I recommend this firm to anyone injured overseas.

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Longshore Lawyers on My Side

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | January 16, 2019

My experience with Clifford Mermell has been phenomenal. At a time when I felt I was all alone, I had the Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco law firm on my side.

happy new year dba lawyer

Happy New Year 2019

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | January 8, 2019

We wish you a new year filled with prosperity, health, and happiness!

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Longshore Lawyers Who Cared

By Clifford R. Mermell, Esq. | November 30, 2018

This longshore lawyers cared about me and my case and handled everything for me

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